Artist Statement



I became a mixed media artist and photographer through dancing and making dances.  In graduate school, I began choreographing dances for camera using both still photography and video. My passion was to work with artists, especially soft sculpture artists, to construct abstract environments for multimedia works.  The dances had sound, texture, light, shape as well as an improvisational energy in a created movement landscape.   

After moving to Utah in 1999, I  began combining my interest in movement and abstraction to still photography (working with the Movement Forum Dance Company) and painting.  The beauty of the Mountain West and dramatic Red Rock landscapes expanded my experimentation in abstraction with texture and organic materials.  Nationally known artist, Jeff Juhlin introduced me to the encaustic painting process with its rich opportunities for mixed-media work.  As artists have discovered for thousands of years, this fused hot wax medium is strikingly malleable, fluid, vibrantly colorful, and also a dynamic improvisational journey.  It moves and surprises. I find myself again in the role of choreographer with a vision but also with intuitive partners.  My goal is that my works dance with the properties this ancient medium affords and the diverse elements it can hold. 

Most recently,  I have been creating works that begin as encaustic mono prints that I further define by adding a variety of medium including oil sticks, cold wax, and diverse organic textures. Often these are landscapes that suggest the energy of a particular place infused with movement, light, and memory.